Sunday, October 9, 2011

To hiatus and back again

So my hiatus was unannounced, and for that I apologize. After I was laid off, my focus was finding a job. Once I found a job, my focus switched to establishing a new routine for my family and settling in to my new workplace. Now I am settled and we have began a new adventure! But more on that later!!

I am now back in recruiting after my short stint back in HR. I’m a staffing manager at a national staffing firm. I enjoy my job for the most part, it has a lot of elements to it! I stay very, very busy (did I say very?). I work with wonderful people, God centered people. It’s lovely to work in a place where we read devotionals out loud in the mornings and pray for one another at lunch.

Elizabeth is now 10 months old and the proud owner of 5 teeth! She seems to have grown up over night, as it always does. Here are some recent pictures (about a month ago) from a trip to Austin.

Lizzy 8.2011.2

Lizzy 8.2011 Lizzy 8.2011.3

I have a lot more to update you on but motherhood calls! Look for an exciting update about mid this week!!

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