Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be aware. Act. Reflect.

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I had the unique opportunity to experience a new way to find some “me time”. Cerra provides little ways to escape and reflect. My personal favorites are the Sensory Oils and Pebble Candles. There are a variety of scents that match emotions, like, Grounded, Creative Energy, Gratitude, Loving Kindness, Courage, Wisdom, and Inspiration. The candles, oils, and other relaxation items come in these scents. My blogger kit came with a small sample of lotion, a full set of Sensory Oils, dissolving notes, keepsake notes, tea, and a journal.

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Blogger Kit

2011-10-09 15.32.07

Sensory Oils

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The journal has wonderful pages that outline your entry with Be Aware, Act, and Reflect. There are also neat little cheat sheets with idea starters for each of the emotions. It has become a game at my office for us to pick our Sensory Oil of the day! Such small little things can create an awareness of your emotions in that moment. Cerra provides this in a unique and personal way. I have greatly enjoyed my experience and can’t wait to try more of their wonderful products!

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