Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sometimes life doesn’t play along

Last week seemed perfectly normal. I went about my daily routine and was excited for the weekend. Friday was payday, it was an extra check for the month so I had some shopping planned. Around 4 o’clock I asked my boss if she needed anything before I headed out to which she replied yes and asked for me to give her a moment. I went back to my desk and started closing things down on my computer and cleaning up. When I went back to her office moments later, she shut the door, and said these words, “This is one of the most difficult conversations I’ve ever had to have.”

I got laid off. My position had been eliminated along with several others in our location and more company wide. I later found out that not only did they do lay offs but they consolidated 2 floors into one and are renting out the other space. I had no clue things were that bad.

My insurance ended on Sunday. I have 2 MRI’s I’m supposed to get done, multiple doctor appointments, and my daughter’s 9 month check up all this month. My husbands insurance does not kick in until September 1. Unemployment doesn’t kick in for at least a few more weeks and I don’t qualify for any help with my medicines or anything.

Health Update:

My doctor seems very encouraged about my progress. I’m slowly getting off of steroids and dwindling down the amount of pain management I need. I can see him every 3 weeks now instead of every week. Now I just need to figure out this insurance mess.

I’m doing my best to stay positive and find my silver lining. I’m applying for about 10-15 jobs a day and continuing to see if I can qualify for some form of help. I am so thankful for my super supportive hubby.

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