Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a long weekend!

We attempted our first road trip with Lizzy this weekend. My nephew, Jack, turned 11 and we had a visit with Grandpa, Nana, Aunt Laura, and Uncle Adam. Unfortunately, Lizzy came down with her first cold! So, we drove home last night instead of today. She is doing alright today, just not the happiest of babies.


Tonight was Sunday meatloaf night!


Josh and I unfortunately came down with the same cold Lizzy has :(


We also decided to try and compare her normal formula (Similac Sensitive) to the Target Up & Up brand that is supposed to be the same but just generic brand. Plus it’s $10 cheaper! I read over all of the ingredients and it is almost exactly the same. We shall see!! If you are wondering what the roll of packing tape with her name all over it is for, it’s for labels. Her daycare requires her bottles to be labeled with first and last name as well as the date.


Now I’m fully ready to finish up chores, get Lizzy to bed, take a hot steamy shower, down some nyquil, and go to bed! Work is going to come way to early in the morning!! On the plus side, Grandpa gave me a nice bottle of wine to bring home. It will have to wait until this pesky cold is gone but yay for wine!

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