Monday, February 14, 2011

I’m Still Enchanted

I blink my eyes and I am so, so enchanted
There's so much beauty that we take for granted


Do you remember that feeling as a little girl? A wooded area was a magical land and you were an enchanted princess? How do we  loose that ability to see beauty around us?

I want to find that again. I long to feel connected to the world around me, to see the unseen, to find light in darkness. It got lost along the way to the corporate world, motherhood, marriage, and to do lists. My goal is simple, find beauty daily, find magic in my surroundings, radiate light. It’s easy to forget that it is easy to find, it  may be in my daughters smile, my husbands touch, or my daily chat with God. It’s more than just seeing beauty in the things around me but also the beauty in myself.

Stay tuned.

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